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Yueqing Party Committee secretary Fang Hui visit Xingchen pneumatic2021-05-17

On May 17th, yueqing Fang Hui secretary of municipal party committee, secretary of municipal committee organization Yu Changyou, JuHua zheng, vice mayor, the city bureau of the letter GuanGuoQiang rate municipal government functional departments, in the north white elephant town party secretary Cai Gu, accompanied by vice mayor Huang Binhui in charge of industry, to pneumatic co., LTD., zhejiang stars know production status, enterprise quality for the enterprise development direction.

In XingChen Company, Qian Cunliang, chairman of the board, reported to Secretary Fang the development process of the company in detail, and the specific situation of the company's R&D investment and scientific research results, production and operation, and market strategy. Qian Dong said that under the guidance of the government, xingxing Pneumatic will do a solid job in core technology research, increase investment, try our best to improve the energy level of the pneumatic industry, live up to the expectations of the party and the government, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Yueqing.

By field visit and listen to Qian Cunliang the chairman's report, pneumatic Fang Hui secretary of stars is good at investment, increasing scientific and technological innovation achievement highly, encourage enterprises to pay attention to innovation, increase technology research and further promote the intelligent transformation, open the domestic circulation, promote the international and domestic dual cycle, spin industry chain, improve the value chain, and stronger enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness, Make a new contribution to the high-quality development of yueqing manufacturing industry, open a new chapter for the 14th Five-year Plan, and offer a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements.